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Hjælpe med min pc

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#1  07/10-08 08:57
Luca Clary
Indlæg: 14
Kære venner,
I need to re-install my Windows ME on my pc but I am not good.
Somebody in Randers can help me visiting me at home? I will offer a good italian coffe or danish beer :)
Tel 25137754
Luca :)

73 de
Skype: Luca Clary

#2  09/10-08 19:17
Robin OZ6ABM
Indlæg: 349
Why Windows ME ...? It's not even supported anymore? You should as minimum consider Windows 2000 or even better XP. Only try Vista if the hardware is suitable.


#3  09/10-08 22:25
Tommy (Oz4kid)

Indlæg: 467
Answer for #1:

I assume you have the ME Windows CD? If so...afaik, it should be
bootable, so was the Win2000pro counterpart... so try entering
your BIOS, (Usually F2. F1, Del or ESC...look for what your computer
tells you the minute you start it)...and press that button to enter
the BIOS settings.

After entering the BIOS, go to the BOOT options (or find the menu
where you can set what device to boot first)...

Set your BIOS to boot CDROM / CD first, restart...and make sure
you have your ORIGINAL Windows ME Cdrom inserted first.

If that doesn´t work most likely can´t boot from Cdrom...and
need a so called Boot-disk. You can download a typical Boot disk
from the internet if you "google" for it... make sure you google Windows ME Boot disk while you´re at it. ;)

Now...assuming you´ve got it to boot...

...Choose your partition (read carefully what the blue screen tells you)
and delete the already existing information and choose to install new (from scratch), accept the license agreement....and go on...Be prepared to lose whatever data you have on the harddisk.

If you do not want to lose what data you have you have on your
harddisk, then you must first use a so callled UNIVERSAL BOOT DISK or CD...( is your friend, you WILL find it . if you bother)
this will enable you to boot a minimal DOS-environment - with possible USB or External HD drivers...and enable you to back up the data on
your HD...after that - you WILL have to Re-format your HD to
properly restore your system.

If you are a pirate (Not a legitimate windows owner) can always
legally download - a Linux based Windows environment - and get a free Operating system that works just fine for your Computer, it will give you full Office compatibility ( and nearly full photoshop ( abilities and (with wine) emulate most windows software for your computer just fine.

And no... I won´t travel all the way to Randers to fix your computer,
I´ve done the best I can with the explanation above - for free :)

Good luck

Tommy (Oz4kid)

#4  16/10-08 15:01
Luca Clary
Indlæg: 14
Svar til #3:
Hej guys,
Thanks for explaination and help. I have fixed W2000 and it is much more better even if my pc is an old one :)

73 de
Skype: Luca Clary

#5  19/06-10 12:13
Jørgen Olsen - OZ9PAR

Indlæg: 10
Hey Luca.!
Abaut my toroides, 2x t 200-2 - if you dont have send them, pleace send them to my new Adr.
Jørgen Olsen
Svend Poulsensvej 58
3060 Espergerde.

That wi`l be fine. :)

73 de OZ9par

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