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Sælges: SICK IME08-04NPSZC0S

Pris: 75 kr
Kategori: Andre interesser \ El-artikler
Stand: Ny
Oprettet: 04/03-2024


Mads Barnkob
5230 Odense

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Pris 75 kr.


Proximity Sensor, Inductive, 4 mm, PNP, M8 x 1, 10 to 30 VDC, IME Series

IME08-04NPSZC0S is an IME series inductive proximity sensor. It is ideal for distance measurement and end position detection.
Standard, cylindrical thread design housing, M8 x 1 thread size, Ø 8mm diameter
4mm sensing range (Sn), 3.24mm safe sensing range (Sa), non-flush installation type
4,000Hz switching frequency, male connector M12, 4-pin connection type, PNP switching output
Electrical wiring is DC 3-wire, IP67 enclosure rating (according to EN 60529), NO output function
10VDC to 30VDC supply voltage , ? 10% ripple, ? 2V voltage drop (at Ia max)
Temperature drift (of Sr) is ± 10%, 52mm housing length, time delay before availability is ? 100ms
According to EN 60947-5-2 EMC, UL File No NRKH.E181493, ? 200mA continuous current (Ia)
Short-circuit, reverse polarity, power-up pulse protection
Ambient operating temperature range from -25°C to +75°C, 23mm thread length
Brass, nickel-plated housing, plastic, PA 66 plastic sensing face material